subway trip plannerAre you planning to visit New York City and stay for a couple of days? Or are you a citizen that is looking for a reliable way to travel to different places of NYC?

There are cities where the population is high and concentrated making traffic situation a huge dilemma. That is why the city governments are trying to find a way to reduce this problem by implementing subway transportation.

Traveling on subways can be more quite complicated than using ordinary cars. However, there are insights that would be discussed in this article to swell up your knowledge about NYC subway trip planner.

Talking about subway trips, we first need to discuss its advantages that can be provided to its commuters:

Cost – it is a common mistake to think that driving a car to your work or school is cheaper than taking the subway. Many subway systems offer cheap rates for unlimited monthly pass.

Convenience – subway systems solve traffic issues in large cities. You can now avoid congested streets because they literally pass underneath them.

Safety – although it is not guaranteed that traveling in subways is 100% risk-free, at least, it is still safer than traveling in roads. Subways also has installed CCTV cameras to somewhat fight against crimes. So do not worry about potential terrorism.

Environment friendly – subways do not emit harmful fumes into the air making it nature-friendly.

Subway Trip Planner and other Facts about New York City Subway

These are the guides to passengers using NYC subway system:

  • There is a special fare for adults, senior citizens and disabled persons. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to travel without an adult with him or her.
  • MetroCard is the mode of payment. It is done by just swiping the card through the slot. Tokens are not anymore accepted because they are already obsolete.
  • There is a downloadable NYC subway map over the internet. This could help you know the nearest stations near you as well the name of the station you are about to go.
  • Stations are also sketched in subway trip planner. Subway entrances are clearly marked on those subway maps.
  • There is also an available NYC subway trip planner available for some mobile devices. They are free and may help you guide your trip in NYC. However, some multipurpose trip guides are for sale. These are more advantageous because they can also be used when riding cars or buses.

Subway helped reduce traffic problems. However, the functions of the subway should not be exaggerated. It would be better to undertake the relationship between the kind of passenger and the subway environment. Using the subway should properly respond to the age, sex, type of work, place of residence and destination, etc.

Using the subway trip planner will help a lot of passengers not only the visitors of the city but as well as the resident New Yorkers. The planner can guide your trip with safety and efficiency.